Sustainable products are more and more important in times where economies register a growing demand for natural resources that risk to become scarce. Due to the variety of applications and their long life cycle plastics offer important environmental concepts and solutions. Thus the material is perfectly prepared for future applications in various industrial fields e.g. in building and construction where avoiding waste and saving resources has become more and more important.

The company

DIWIKUR has a long tradition in the field of plastics recycling. Already in the fifties Dietlinde and Willi Schmitz founded the recycling company. After years of experiences in paper and metal recycling the owner specialised in plastics recycling in the seventies. Today the company is run by their son Hans-Werner Schmitz. It is located at Hoffnungsthal on an area of 74.000 qm - an old paper factory. Due to its long experience in plastics recycling DIWIKUR has always adapted its machinery to the requirements of the different materials. In the past years it has specialised in the separation of fibres from composite materials. Today the company recycles all kinds of plastic materials.


At Hoffnungsthal DIWIKUR mainly treats soft PVC materials. The company is a specialist for grinding and separating fibres from PVC products according to the customer's requirements. Formulations can be prepared to the customer's specifications.


Hans-Werner Schmitz intends to enlarge its capacities in order to cope with the increasing recycling market. Extension of its activities to neighbouring European markets, e.g. Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are foreseen.

Due to the variety of its services - treating the material, grinding and separating the fibres - DIWIKUR does not only help its customers to solve their problems, but also contributes to a closed loop recycling management.

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