Caretta, together with its shareholders and employees, brings decades of experience in the production and sale of its current product range.

We have been producing glass wool since 1964. The name "Munich Glass Wool" that was responsible for the production of glass wool mats is now history - however, it formed the cornerstone for additional company formations and productions in the insulation and sealing industry.

Isofol Folien GmbH, founded in the last century, merged with Caretta GmbH in 2012. The goal was the consolidation of related products to maintain a lean structure despite recorded growth in business operations.

Targeted partnerships with competing companies strengthen the synergy effects and reduce cost. Caretta’s goal is cost leadership in the individual product segments - in the interest of its customers. Caretta intends to attain and maintain the top positions in the market.

Moreover, we are concerned with the sustainability of soft PVC recycled material. Through our special process, we separate non-woven, woven or textile lamination of sheets made from soft PVC, separate the different materials from each other, and thus make these sustainable raw materials usable again for production purposes. Insulating boards for various applications are made from the non-woven, fabric and textile recyclable materials. The material continues to serve as a further admixture for horse riding surfaces and is used for drainage chokes.



100% recycled materials or agglomerates and textile-recyclables are extracted from 100% sustainable resources.

In doing so, Caretta guarantees a complete mechanical recycling of the sustainable raw materials it has acquired. We use the recovered soft PVC recyclate or agglomerate as the raw material for our Caretta films. Furthermore we offer recycled materials or agglomerates made from soft PVC with approx. 64 - 70 shore, which we record via REACH IT pre-registration.

The Caretta film product range is rounded off by bitumen and oil-resistant films and bitumen- resistant sealing membranes. We have created systems for comprehensive solutions through years of experience and the resulting variety of products. Our customer and brand-oriented company policy and a technologically innovative product policy and our renowned Caretta quality lets us maintain a close relationship to the market and to our customers. We successfully sell our system solutions through our trade partners predominantly on the European market.

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Sealing sheets and films made from sustainable resources